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    250 x 375
    Brand Name HILLSTONE
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    About Us

    Marbellais an exclusive showroom providing premium tiles, sanitary and bathroom fittings around Dehradun. Well recognized in other cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Mumbai and Surat for its customer loyalty, Marbella promises to be the one in Dehradun too. The concepts and designs of tiles at Marbella are innovative and unique from other providers in Dehradun.

    Our team gets in personal touch with our customers and guides them with the best suggestions for their dream home. We have the best quality of tiles and sanitary ware for every budget levels. We are well acquainted with your pain when you pay high quality prices for standard products, so we at Marbella provide you premium quality products at standard prices lower than our competitors.

    In addition, Marbella has a unique virtual platform for presenting you with the various patterns in which you can design your bathrooms by placing tiles and sanitary ware at different places. This tile designing platform with Marbella is the only of its kind in Dehradun. This takes Marbella at a higher level of customer satisfaction in the tiles market.

    As promised, Marbella will soon be the most trusted place for tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings around Dehradun by your support. We are sure you’ll be impressed by a single visit to our showroom.